Mondo LA first run sells out in under two minutes!!!!

At Noon Central time, RNT Calls released the much anticipated Mondo LA First Run Series. The release fell in line with past FRS releases from RNT featuring a prototype grey barrel with RNT "FIRST RUN SERIES" engraved upon it in white. Every first run series call also carries a special colored band denoting the limited quantity of each color. The collection features 90 Sapphire, 75 Ruby, 50 Amethyst, 25 Citrine, and 10 Gold for a grand total of 250 limited number calls and the only calls of that model produced in 2017. The call is finished out with a polished black insert matching the FRS style. The Mondo LA was available for online purchases only which fell in line with the last FRS relea

Hometown Kid: Teddy Hoover gets ready for Worlds.

The last few months Teddy and I have talked at lengths about calling and competitions. We have spoken about the World Waterfowl Calling Championship in Easton Maryland a few times. This is his home town event and one he puts a lot of time and effort into through competing and also organizing. Below is part of our conversation. BTB: When did you get into hunting and who took you? TH: I started hunting when I was 8 years old, my Dad took me on my first duck because there was no goose season. I was hooked ever since BTB: When did you realize you had serious potential as a goose caller? TH: I never realized I had serious potential. I went to my first contest when I was 12 or 13, and did not

Best in Show: Alan Whitson after his Reelfoot Win.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Alan Whitson after his Reelfoot best in show win. This was his third time attending and he had a great showing. Reelfoot is a contest and gathering all call makers plan for and dream of all year long. BTB: So you've captured best in show last weekend in Reelfoot, how does it feel? AW: Honestly, it felt surreal and I feel extremely blessed. I wasn't present when the winners were announced. I was on the opposite end of the Blue Bank resort browsing around. Brad Samples comes over and says "congrats champ". I know I had a puzzled look on my face. I said what are you talking about? He said "you're the champ". For those that know Brad, you never kno

TOP 5: Duck Callers in the circuit right now

5. Jonathan Mortin- 5 top Five finishes at Worlds since 2010. Including Runner up in 2014. With his win at the DU Regional in Memphis and his 3rd place finish at the Big Cypress open he is ready for a strong showing at Worlds. 4. David St. John- 2014 World Champ, 3rd place finish in Champion of Champions. David is near the top of the leaderboard in almost every contest he enters. 3. Seth Fields- 23 First place finishes in the last two years. Seth is routinely beating out former World Champs on the biggest stages. It's exciting to see what is in store this year for him. 2. Logan Hancock- 2015 World Champ and 2016 Big Cypress National Champ. 2015-1

Flight Control: Our sit down with Master Call Maker Alan Whitson

I first met Alan Whitson in 2015 at an expo in Springfield Missouri. I admired his table full of calls one more impressive than the other. I remember a couple of fishing tackle calls I had never seen anything like before. As time as gone on, I've seen more and more of his work and contest entries each time pushing the limits of call making skill. I knew he was someone I wanted to interview from day one and I hope you enjoy it and one day check out Flight Control Custom Calls. BTB: When did you get into hunting and who got you in to it? AW: I started hunting when I was a little kid with my dad and papaw. Rabbits mostly. After a few years of being asked by my buddy Buck, I finally gave in

Denny Pitman: From Contest Caller to career hunter.

Denny Pitman is out of the St. Louis area and kills birds all over Missouri. He was down for a honker hunt during resident goose season and we talked about doing an interview for BTB. As we all joked and laughed about previous hunts swapping blind stories we discussed his history and guide service. Here is some of that interview. BTB: When did you start guiding? DP: I started guiding in 1995, beginning with turkeys in Alabama and Mississippi. BTB: What do you enjoy about it most? DP: I don't know if I have one thing that I enjoy the most while guiding. The friendships that have been made. The sunrises and sunsets. The look on clients faces when they shoot birds at 15yds. The enjoyment of

Dream Season in Minnesota: Joe Heintz is having a season to remember.

Everyday I get off work at 8am or at least take a break at work. I grab my phone and check out what's going on in the waterfowl world and one guy keeps stacking up birds everyday on my feed. Joe Heintz has had all the stars align this season and is having one for the books. I asked Joe if he would be interested in talking about it, here is that conversation below. BTB: Joe, I have been watching your feed all year long and you guys have been stacking them up this year. Would you say it's been a special year in Minnesota? JH: Oh yes definitely special, Our success rate is at a all time high! Been having a record year here in MN for sure. BTB: Why has it been so good? JH: I believe it’s be

Rib Eye of the Sky

Most waterfowl hunters have heard the old saying "sandhills are the rib eye of the sky." I'm here to say they are indeed pretty dang tasty. They seem to have a higher fat content then most other fowl and anything wrapped in bacon is edible, but Crane is enjoyable as well. This takes you to the more important aspect, hunting them. If you have ever been in a feed lot or fresh field in the plains of eastern Oklahoma chances are you have heard the Sandhill Crane. They are long legged, loud mouthed, very unique type of quarry. Growing up in Missouri the opportunity to hunt them really was not an option nor was it a thought. It was not until my first trip to western Kansas that the itch to

Big Cypress: A Prequel of Worlds?

Waiting in between rounds at the Bass Pro at the Pyramid Regional I checked my phone, updated our Facebook feed and checked on my kids at home. While buried in distraction I heard and saw a verity of callers come on stage and practice different parts of their routines. Some working on cadence, most working on easing their nerves. Callers ranged from guys working their way up the ranks to guys on the top of almost all events. “Hey buddy how are you?” I look up from my phone and it’s Phil Green taking a seat next to me. We exchange greetings and I ask him how does he feel about today? He smirks and says in calm voice “I probably should of practiced.” Laughing as I recalled our talk from two

Call Making: Therapy for life

The last month or so I have interviewed various call makers and hunters, covering how or why they got into turning calls. It has been entertaining and fun to learn the back ground of so many accomplished and great call makers. It has caused me to reflect on my own call making journey. Although I'm not accomplished or well known maker with a shelf full of titles, call making has become a part of my life and it all started with trying to cope with my life. In late December of 2012 a few days after Christmas, I planned the next mornings duck hunt with a few friends. The last call I made was to my best friend Patrick. It's almost laughable now as I tried to sell him on calling into work to

Custom: The meaning behind the word

As a call maker, I take pride in the "custom" part of my call company's name, MiG Custom Calls. That little word means many different things to many different people. To me it means someone can discuss an idea about a call and I can make it happen. Whether it be a certain sound, look, or a special material that has sentimental value to them. That’s something I'm proud to be able to do. Recently, after receiving a blank a customer for a custom call, I was reminded of past calls I've made and which ones meant the most to me. I've made my share of them that mean something to the customer, but two in particular stand out to me personally, and for different reasons. The first one that immediately

Tyler Hall: Call Making in the Delta

When I approached Tyler for an interview he jumped at the chance. Quickly and professionally communicating much like his reputation for customer service. He is a true outdoorsmen from what I refer to as the "Real South" Slidell Louisiana. I say this after being stationed an hour away in the US Navy and people that far south take pride in it. Check out Tyler's story below. BTB: When did you start hunting and who got you into it? TH: I first started duck hunting in 2009. I was an avid deer hunter at the time, and ended up going with my next door neighbor and his Dad on my first hunt. What really got me was a trip I had made down to Scarsdale, LA. It’s right along the Mississippi River in So

Scott Rowe: From collector to master craftsman

Scott Rowe of Crawford Texas and owner of Z-Rowe Calls was nice enough to give us some of his time and do a question and answer session. Scott has worked the last few years to become truly an amazing custom call builder anyone would be thrilled to have on their lanyard and collection. His calls sound is only upstaged by his professionalism and great customer service. BTB: What age did you start hunting and who got you started? SR: I went on my first duck hunt at the age of 11. I had an older cousin (Zane Rowe May) who was a huge role model for me and someone I really looked up to. He was an avid outdoorsman and was always in the field hunting or fishing. Even though he was 7 years my

Reelfoot: The Call Maker Hangout

What to expect from Reelfoot Call Maker gathering this weekend. An relatively small unknown gathering among the mainstream but to the custom call maker community it’s a date circled on the calendar.  Sure Nashville is the call maker contest to win, but Reelfoot is more than just a contest. Reelfoot is where call makers come together to talk calls, trade calls and trade stories.  Every year new friends are made and old ones add another memory to the book. Now just because Reelfoot is a relaxed atmosphere focused on fun and fellowship don’t think world class calls will not be found.  Many of the best call makers in the world will be in attendance and not one of them leaves their A game at home

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