Small Shop Call Maker of the Year Board

As a call maker the last 3 years years call making and the community is something I have a huge passion for and connection, while collecting calls as I could afford them before ever turning one. That's why we want to give back to the guys who spend late nights in their garages while their wives or kids are asleep and they give up sleep to make pieces of artwork others use to smash ducks and geese with. That is my story, the only time I get to turn is when everyone else is asleep and it serves as my therapy in life. To pick one of these gentleman will be extremely challenging and so many deserving. We wanted to assemble a panel of guys who not only share in my love for calls and collectin

Hancock reclaims his Title

After round 1 and 2 Logan found himself one point behind Ben Burgess and 1 point ahead of 2016 runner up Domingo Sanchez. The three were all neck and neck and it was anyones game to win. Round three opened with Logan drawing the bullet walking out on stage first and stomping out a perfect run that was as clean as any he had run all day. Both Sanchez and Burgess also continued form and laid out championship quality runs making the tension high as we waited for scores to be tabulated. After places 4-8 had been announced only three callers remained on stage. "With the 2nd runner up" Sanchez heard his name called making his first two appearances at worlds 2nd and 3rd respectively which is am

Mason Tait: Back 2 Back World Champ

Mason picked up Friday right were he left off a year ago and opened with an extremely strong first two rounds in the Intermediate Championship holding a 10 point lead heading into the finals. What could only be described as flawless, he finished round three with a decisive 11 point lead and his 2nd consecutive Intermediate World Title. It's exciting to see what this young man has in store in the future and a World Title is almost certainly in his future. Congrats Mason!!!

How do you follow up your first trip to Worlds after finishing second?

How do you follow up punching your first trip to worlds and finishing second? Domingo Sanchez has every intention of following it up with a title. He was kind enough to give us some of his time. BTB: How do you feel this week with worlds finally here? DS: I feel pretty good. I've talked to a couple people about my routine since Memphis. I've made a couple improvements, I think I stand a really good chance at breaking into the top 10 and hopefully better if I get through 3 clean. BTB: Last year it came down to the end, what was the level of nerves as they announced each score and you realized you were top 2? DS: I was just in complete shock, it was my first year ever getting qualified. I wa

Opening day but no water to be found

A hot topic lately in the state of Arkansas. Many hunters have been out the last few weeks scouting their normal spots to find once again they are dry. Hunters are mixed with their opinions on the water situation, most mad about the AGFC's management of it. The AGFC is choosing not to flood the green timber until later in the season, stating the correlation between past mallard peak migration and Arkansas natural higher rain totals in December and January. They state that such constant flooding on non dormant oak trees have damaged much of the timber some of which is irreversible. While many hunters are angry of over no place to hunt others say this is the best thing for the state. Not

Shannahan gets risky skipping warm up

The warm up is a crucial part of most callers routines. Some use it to show case their skills, some to make sure their calls are ready to go and some just to calm their nerves. During a call off Trevor drew the bullet(going first) and decided to forego the normal warm up offered before judging commences. This turned the heads of the judges and other competitors alike. We asked Trevor why in a recent interview and here was his response "well I knew I drew bullet and had to do something different and......I don't need a warm whatever why not pull a boss move an go out there and hit it without a warm up." Well this was enough to stand apart and maybe even push his competition bec

Beyond the Bow

To add to our already cutting edge Waterfowl coverage with Beyond the Blind we are adding a division devoted to Bow, Deer, Turkey, Bow Fishing and other types of hunting. To access this go check out Beyond the Bow on facebook and watch us grow into a network like no other offering hunting coverage in a new way.

Black River Boss: Bryce Decker

Bryce is a polarizing figure and gave us a rare look at his life. A call maker who stands behind the belief that hunting calls should be available to all for a reasonable price but have a top notch sound. With the rising popularity of the Tyrant specifically it would be easy for him to cash in and charge more but he remains true to his core. Here is a look at our recent interview. BTB: When did you first start hunting and who got you started? BD: I got started hunting about age 7, my grandpa and his brothers would take me into the timber and sit me on a dog stand or leave me in the boat to watch. They were a rag-tag bunch of guys and they loved clowning around and having a good time while

What a weekend of Calling

Easton is one of the competitions competitors look forward to all year and after watching this years contest we can see why. This year saw back to back titles by Shannahan, Fields dominate ducks, and a third straight title from David Coleman in the live goose. Saturday opened with Colby Stilwell repeat sweeping both Jr. Goose and Jr. Live duck. Next we saw the Team Live Duck title head to Tennessee with Seth Fields and Slayton Gearing knocking off Shannahan and Ben Perez. Shannahan would reclaim his 2014 World Team Goose Title with his 2014 teammate John Walls. Next we saw Fields do what he has been doing all year long and that was dominate, taking home his first World Live Duck Title.

Championship Rounds today!

Yesterday saw the field narrowed down in Easton. World Goose is the competitions big title and Trevor Shannahan is back in the finals looking to repeat along with local kid Teddy Hoover is ready to take home his first title as well as Kile Jones, John Walls, and Bobby Heim. Live duck is stacked with Cory Niccum, Seth Fields, Hunter Morrow and Nathan Kreshon. Tune in on World Waterfowl Calling Championships Live Feed!!!

Easton Kicks off Today

The World Waterfowl Calling Championship kicked off today at 1pm eastern in Easton Maryland. Live footage can be found on World Waterfowl Calling Championship facebook page. The contest kicked off with two man live duck and was followed by 2 rounds of team goose. All opening rounds will be held today with the finals finishing up tomorrow. Keep tuning back in for updates.

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