On the X-THE Will Shelley

I spoke to Will a few months ago asking him about a new call he has under wraps. He asked where I heard that from as he has not told anyone about it yet. Pure luck and misunderstanding about a customer asking about their call in fact turned into the world getting ready to find out about a new call added to the lineup with books on it opening at the start of the year. BTB: When did you start hunting ducks and who took you? WS: For as long as I can remember I have been an avid hunter. I started hunting back in my early years of growing up. Walking around with my B.B. gun shooting everything I saw. Growing up I wasn’t raised in the waterfowl world. We didn’t hunt much ducks around here then,

K2 Calls-John Koepp's launches tribute based after his fathers legacy.

Recently I was added to K2 Calls, a secret group on Facebook by John. I wondered what is this and read the summary of the group and knew it was something I wanted to talk to John about and maybe have him answer any questions I had and some you guys might have. John is known for his world class craftsmanship and has the hardware to prove it. So like any new call coming out from a master turner we get excited and are looking forward to the reveal. BTB: When did you come up with the concept for K2 and what exactly is it going to be? JK: I came up with K2 back in the spring while out on the family farm, remembering the times my father and I spent in the woods together. K2 is a very limited l

2017 Call Maker of the Year

First we had to look at what we were judging. Quality, finish, innovation, difficulty of work and what each person gives back every year. We then took our 5 panelists and had them rank the finalists 1-6 and average out each call makers score. 6th Place was Mr. Earnie Ross, who makes an unbelievable goose call while setting the standard for innovation and custom work. 5th Place was Mr. Kent Eason, who has been turning phenomenal calls for years and continues to impress with each one. 4th Place The Will Shelley, will burst to the top of the scene in 2016 and has pushed the envelope every call. 3rd John Koepp, a man who has a fist full of title rings from his Grand National Title runs. 2nd Br


If you followed the coverage on our Facebook page of the World Archery Indoor Championship in Bangkok you've seen this name before. We were able to contact Paige Gore and get an interview about her time at the event. Paige was able to go toe to toe with everyone she met in match play and rise above the rest of the competition. " BTB: How long have you been shooting professionally? Paige: I started shooting professionally at age 15. Normally you have to wait till your 18, but my parents signed off on it so I was able to get a pro card at 15. BTB: What bow and setup are you shooting? Paige: I am shooting the Bowtech Fanatic 3.0 with Carbon Express X Buster 500 arrows. BTB: What's it like shoot

Call Maker of the Year Finalists

We have narrowed down a very tough list and debate to these six finalists that received the most top 10 votes among the 5 panel members. Kent Eason-Eason's Cajun Calls Will Shelley- Battle Creek Customs Brad Samples-Blindsided Calls John Koepp-Addiction Calls Earnie Ross-Earnie Ross Custom Calls Ron "Stump" Laun-RM Calls These gentlemen were selected based off call design, innovation, degree of difficulty, and what they give back to the call making community. Sound is a given with every name on the list. So many others received votes but these 5 received almost unanimous 5/5.

Team USA Silver Medal: Kris Schaff

The World Archery Indoor Cup event in Bangkok, Thailand happened over last weekend and It was an exciting tournament with many close matches among competitors (check our facebook page for the results). After the tournament we reached out to the two top placing members of the USA team and were able to get a small interview, this is what the Men's Compound Silver winner Kris Schaff had to say. BTB:How long have you been shooting competitively? KS: I have been shooting professionally since I was 18 years old and I'm now 25 so 7 years. BTB: "What bow and setup are you shooting? KS: I am currently shooting the 2018 Elite Echelon 39 28" 57#... Cbe vertex sight and scope 6x lens, Scott advantage re

Arrows the + and -

Keeping with the talk about arrows, yes there’s more, what’s with the +/- on the box, why is it there, and how does this help you? The first one I always notice is the +/- “x” grams, this is talking about the difference between the arrows in the box. Arrow company’s weigh the arrows when packaging this is why some are cheaper than others some boxes are +/- 5 others can be as small as +/-1. This is telling you that within the box the arrows could be for example 5 grams above the stated weight or below, giving you a range of weights for your arrows. The other +/- on your box talks about how straight all of your arrows are. Arrows didn’t get the term “straight as an arrow” for no reason, so don

Arrows: The Big, The small, The Standard

As you already know the focus of this page is to talk all things archery and bring coverage of target archery tournaments. So let’s start this at the point with what is going to get you points and take down your living target… arrows. If you’ve been around archery long enough you have found out there are many topics around arrows. From the beginning we’ve seen arrows develop from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber and now we even have carbon fiber aluminum hybrids. I’ll begin with arrow size, you see what seems like a majority of tournament archers using large diameter arrows, then you see hunters bickering between standard sized arrows versus micro diameter. So what’s the why behind t

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