Modernizing Gundog Safety: Alex Langbell changes how we hunt.

Modernizing hunting dog safety is Alex Langbell’s mission. One day Alex was hunting in Canada with a group of guys through an outfitter service. The other gentleman brought their gundog with them on a waterfowl hunt, as dogs sometimes do the dog broke. Alex could only watch while everyone else continued to shoot and this had reminded him of every time he had ever scene this happen. He reflected on how he had seen people combat this issue with a new dog, with most hunters tethering the lead to the dog box and trying to secure it anyway possible. He thought why hasn’t anyone developed a product to help with this, and that’s just what he did. photo-Alex Langbell Gundog Outdoors launched in

Back to Basics: Dog training tools and needs.

Basics needs of training. We wrote an article some time back on picking out your new puppy and what all we look for when doing so. So, now that we have him or her home we realize that this little ball of fur is full of energy, always on the go, and is becoming much attached to us quickly. So what kind of tools or supplies do we need to start the training process for our future hunting buddy, what kind of food, tools etc. First of all food choices are pretty simple at the puppy age. A good puppy formula fed twice a day while they are very young will do just fine. Don’t leave food in a bowl constantly for the pup to have access to though. This can lead to over eating feed just enough in the mo

When do you take the jump? From hobby to full time call maker

It is truly amazing what you can find on the internet and social media. Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes it isn't. For now, it’s a good thing. There's a video floating around on all the social media sites and Youtube of Steve Harvey the comedian and Family Feud host talking with his audience after a taping of the show. If you haven't seen it, you need to. In it, he talks about everyone coming to a point in their life where they are faced with the opportunity to jump, or sit on the ledge and play it safe as they always have. Never have I felt more afraid of heights than right now, and I'm terrified of heights. What he is referring to can be taken as a spiritual leap, letting God t

Closed Books?

With custom call making and collecting continuing to grow in popularity the values of certain call makers is sky rocketing on the second hand market. This is nothing new, certain calls have always been valuable on the resell market. Something has changed though, the older calls from years past used to be the big ticket items. While newer custom calls sold for face value or close to it. It was not uncommon to see a 10/10 call resell for slightly less than original cost and be fair offer. With call makers setting limits on their time and closing their books we have seen the market shift to supply and demand. Brand new custom hand turned calls are reselling to double to triple their origin

Poly Inserts-The Never Ending Debate

Alright, folks, during the time that I have been writing for BTB, Kris has asked me to keep a neutral stance. Don't pick sides, don't try to get too involved in any type of controversial stuff. Just write good pieces that you as readers will enjoy and benefit from. I think I'm going to stray a bit from that today, but still be as informative as possible. The topic has been debated, yes, "beating a dead horse" debated, on most all call trader and call making sites of call makers using Echo inserts. So I figured I would write up a short little piece explaining what MOST call makers have issue with regarding this, and why that is. Remember, I say most. There are some folks who don’t care, and s

Seth Fields Signature Series

I got the chance to talk with world champion duck caller Seth Fields about his new line of calls that are being released this week. The calls were developed by Seth and Adam Lyrely from Refuge calls. I asked Seth to tell me about his calls and this is what he had to say. “Well this call is really a call that is unique to itself. It is a medium to loud call that can be used in a lot of different hunting situations and can be very aggressive if needed. It has tons of rattle on the bottom end, but also has all of the mid ducks to help work them into the hole. So basically its powerful on top, aggressive in the middle, and definitely not a call for the weak at heart.” I asked Seth, “What is some

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