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Pro-staff the word every business owner loathes and every young hunter dreams of. Pro-staff in short stands for Promotional Staff and they can be great for a business or it's downfall. The connection between social media has created "professional hunters" and I use that term lightly because it can mean a plethora of different things. The term professional to me can be anyone representing a company in a well mannered, useful, and meaningful way regardless if they are monetarily compensated.

We have all seen the new hunter with two seasons under his belt and 10 brand new pro-staff positions under his facebook page. As a call business owner and tv show owner my messages and instagram are flooded with staff requests and 99% of the time they were the same mass messaged stereotypical message but yet had never bought or used my product. Any call maker on the market could go on and on about this annoyance. This in turn has cast such a stigma on the term Pro-staff the title is met with a smirk when in turn they can be quite useful.

To those who wish to become pro-staff; buy the product, use it, learn it, represent it. The meaning behind the position is not just another title to list on facebook to look like a big shot hunter. Personalize your relationship with the company you wish to approach, talk to the owner, learn about what you want to represent. Do not under any circumstance mass message companies asking to be on the staff because we all talk about it and find out. Those who do are ignored by the most of us from then on after. Change stigma on the title by doing it the right way.

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