Perserverance(Noun)-see CAJUN NAVY

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in over one million were forced to leave their homes and 600 thousand were still homeless over a month later. Lives were ruined and lost for some. The country was surrounded by grief and many looked for blame to be placed on someone. The divide between rich and poor was never more apparent and in the national spotlight. Through all of this tragedy we saw hunters and outdoorsmen coming together with boats and supplies to aid in the rescue the thousands stranded in dangerous and rising waters.

The "Cajun Navy" was born. They didn't just donate money to aid those in need which by all means is a great gesture, they donated themselves and their time. Now in the aftermath of Harvey, hunters and outdoorsmen alike load their trailers and spend this Labor Day weekend not with family around the grill but in the state of Texas helping those who cannot help themselves. In this time of great divide and hostility in our country they show us that we can come together to serve a greater purpose, not just for one group but for all. A time of great sorrow can unite a broken group and today, right now that is happening.

To the men and women in their boats offering aid and rescue we say thank you. You are an inspiration and maybe a role model. Showing us that together through unity we can overcome and accomplish amazing things despite the overwhelming odds against us.

Photographer Unknown-Source

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