Improve your teal season success

1. Know where to find them

Knowing where to look is critical, understanding what Blue Wing Teal like and where they feed can narrow down the places you can look for them. BWT feed mainly on aquatic insects and plants found in shallow waters. Marshes, sloughs, flood spill overs and even ditches around larger wetlands. Knowing where water depths and environments like this exist is key.

2. Show up on time

Teal are early fliers and in the midwest tend to fly only in the first hour of the day. If you are not in place and ready to go well before shooting time you will find a very hard time being successful.

3. Teal are not shy

Every year a new decoy is released by top decoy companies and most make Blue Wing Teal decoys. While it is nice to have a diverse spread you don't need to go out and spend extra cash on specific decoys in this case. Plenty of BWT have been harvested while landing among a spread full of mallard dekes. The same applies for calls, a bwt call can be a nice addition but is not a must.

4. Weather can be your friend or enemy

Early season teal can be among the most finicky of birds. Every 5 degree temperature difference can push new birds in or old birds out. A rain storm can make a promising next day none existent or can bring wave after wave of birds in the next day. So while you scout make sure to pay attention to the weather as well as location.

5. Sometimes you just need luck to be on your side

Sometimes you can scout, watch the weather, show up on time with the right gear on decoys on the water and calls around your neck but still walk away empty handed. Teal are finicky birds and sometimes luck is your make or break for a successful hunt. We have all seen pictures of groups of guys standing next to a pile of birds they didn't scout, didn't hide from but still managed to have the hunt of a life time. How did it happen? Sometimes luck is just on your side. Remain positive and motivated as early season teal are not a direct reflection of your hard work and skill set. It's a long season, hang in there as months of hunting are ahead.

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