Competition Calling: A way to stay involved in hunting year round.

We have all seen the meme "I tried comp calling but I keep killing the judges." It's the number one argument hunters make while talking trash about those who do. That being said do you really think a world champion caller can't kill ducks and geese? That's a laughable thought at most.

Competition calling is about mastering use and control of a duck or goose call, not about who is the best hunter. I have seen guys who couldn't call a lick kill limits due to minimal calling, proper scouting and sometimes just plain luck. Pass shooting a limit of ducks coming off the refuge or jump shooting off a farm pond makes a great picture for you to share on social media but hardly makes a great hunter. Hunting high pressure areas with lots of competition and low visibility such as flooded timber in Arkansas poor calling is going to become more apparent.

Competition calling isn't about bringing the competition out to the field, it's just a way for hunters to stay involved in hunting year round. Other hunters get this fix through dog training, call turning, or decoy making and for competition callers it's mastering the duck or goose call. "The old fable about contest callers not being able to call ducks, well, that's just crazy. That's like saying a race car driver can't drive on the freeway."-Butch Richenback.

In short, just because you don't enjoy competition calling or see the use for it don't make excuses for why you don't do it by trash talking those that do. Instead give the truthful answer, you just don't care about it or maybe it just holds no interest in your eyes.

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