Want to hunt on tv?

So you just turned off the most recent Avian X and want to be the next Fred Zink? It would be awesome to travel the country hunting only the best fields, sitting in the best blinds, and staying at the nicest lodges. Well hold up, how many shows can you name that return every season? How many are owned or sponsored by the title name of the show? (i.e. Avian-X, RNT-V, The Fowl Life) You have a few that have stuck without being owned by major companies like Heartland Bowhunter and Waterfowl but hundreds of others that come and go after one season.

Costs. The cost of running a show can be astronomical. First you have your normal hunting costs which we all know how cheap hunting is as a hobby. Next, a pretty large chunk of money going to camera gear. Sure you can film a movie with something as small and simple as an iphone and it's actually been used to produce full feature movies. That being said if you want to produce higher quality footage the gear will be much more elaborate and more important, costly. Then your show must be edited, shop this around but you will find it can be you biggest expense. Now you have all the things you need to produce a show you need someone to air it. Air time on major hunting networks are not cheap and not exactly easy to find someone willing to sell it to you. A cheaper alternative is always the internet and many respected shows produce solely through online video so don't look down upon it.

Time. Sure you and your "crew" or "team" have produced some sweet 3 minute long videos for youtube that have 200 views, high powered go pro footage and are using licensed music in which you never paid or asked to use. You are well on your way........now imagine filming 22 and a half minute episodes 13 times a season. Think about how much time and effort that will take. How many times were you skunked on a hunt and maybe a two or three week stretch of hunting season that is slow? Now your 60-90 day filming period is that much shorter and you are still searching for birds to be put on camera. Do you work a full time job still? Do you have a family? Now imagine how much less time you will have to spend with them and how much less you will have to work on your show.

Funding. Ok so you are single and young and seemingly have all the time in the world. You look at all the bills mentioned above and think you have answer for them all......Sponsorship. Well good news is sponsors are seemingly endless and everywhere. Bad news is most of their money is wrapped up in big name shows and advertising outlets. This is only made worse by the fact they are allocating less and less money to television show advertising every year. So if you thought sponsorship was the end all be all answer to how am I going to pay for this, then you will learn the hard way it is not. More times than not you will be offered discounts on gear or some free product to use which is in it's own right is nice but doesn't pay the bills.

So now you know what you need to get going, now you just need to make sure you have unforgettable hunts and are able to put them on camera in a way that draws and holds an audience. Don't let this discourage you but it's better to know some of the draw backs before investing a bunch of non refundable money and end up in a bind. Good luck and let us know if you have a show coming out and we can tune in.

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