Southern US Open: What you should know

In 2016 The Southern US Open was a highly ranked contest placing #2 out of 35 ranked contest with a power score of 38.06 for Goose Calling. This means people who attended and placed at The Open placed or did well in Worlds at Stuttgart. We expect this year to be no different and interesting once again.

Our Coverage will begin on the 16th and wrap up on the 17th. You can watch on our facebook page for the live stream and behind the scenes.

Last Years Winners:

2 Man Pit Goose

David Damron- Currently Ranked #11 overall with 20 wins.

Hunter Grounds- 3x World Champ and ranked #9 in power rankings

2 man Meat

Seth Fields- #12 in Duck Rankings with 29 wins, 7 of which came this year.

Cory Niccum- 65 wins with Multiple World Meat Titles.

Southern US Open Goose

Trevor Shannahan- Number 1 ranked Goose Caller with 105 Contest wins under his belt, the most since 2002.

photo credit- Jordan Keil-Via

Southern US Open Meat

Seth Fields- 4 meat wins in 2017

Jr Goose

Aaron Duke-6 contest wins

Jr Meat

Levi Woodall-11 Contest Wins

Novice Goose

Cory Thompson-1 win

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