Silhouettes: Not to be overlooked.

        The decoys are too expensive and I have no way to haul them. This seems to be the most common reasons I hear when asking duck hunters if they are into hunting honkers.  In a world of "bigger is better" this is a problem that many hunters must face. A quality spread of full bodies in a high pressure hunting area can set you back thousands of dollars and leave you with a truckload of storage problems.  Personally, I love hunting over a big spread of fully flocked full bodies with the most modern bases. The realism and movement they add can be a huge advantage. That being said, the real question is do I really need this to kill geese and kill them consistently and my opinion and experience says no. 

        We have all encountered the non ideal situation in the X field. It may be too soft or wet to pull the trucks and 22ft trailer into or maybe even too soft for a 4 wheeler to buzz gear out to the spread.  A great alternative is to pack a few dozen silo style decoys onto each on hunter as well as a light weight layout blind and to go on foot.  Sure this requires a little more sweat equity, but sometimes it can be the difference between shooting birds and sleeping in. 

         Most silhouettes are light weight, pack easily into totes or bags and best of all are very affordable. You can hunt them as stand alone decoys or use them around the edges of you're spread to increase your presence.  Now naysayers will argue that x brand is better than this brand or it can't be done but at the end of the day this may be your only or the best option. Everything else is opinion.  Whether you are using them as a spread or to grow your spread silhouettes can be a deadly tool and allow anyone to experience the thrill of Canada Goose hunting. 

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