Kile Jones: Pursuit of a Title

Kile Jones of Paducah, KY is a call builder for Power Calls and an up and coming competition caller. Kile has 4 goose competition wins in 2017 and 7 other top five finishes. He is a caller that has the skills and talent to win any competition any day with three clean rounds. We have talked the last couple weeks about calling competitions and coverage of them from a media stand point. We both believe with more coverage available and information shared that competition calling can grow and regain some of the popularity it had in the past. While talking at the Southern US Open we discussed doing this sit down and talking about his calling career and where he sees it going from here. He was kind enough to give me some of his time so we can share it with you guys. I asked Kile some tough questions and he remained a humble and honest guy who we look forward to covering in the future.

BTB: Ok so I like to start of by asking what was your first call?

KJ: My very first short geese goose call was a Primos Honky Tonk. I couldn't even get the call to break over. I then got a Buck Gardner Canada Hammer. After the Buck Gardner was a LynchMob Executioner

BTB: When did you first get into Competition calling and have you had any mentors?

KJ: I first got into comp calling August of 2007. My first contest was the Michigan State intermediate goose at the age of 15, as far as teachers go, a man named Bill Hawk in Michigan helped me immensely. He then introduced me to Field Hudnall, who I think is my biggest influence and mentor. He spent HOURS working with me, even when he was busy and always made time to help. He somewhat played a big brother role to me. Robbie Iverson helped out a ton too, after we competed together one time we got each others number, and would literally call each other every single day to blow routines.

BTB: What was your first contest win and what did it feel like?

KJ: My first win was the 2008 Illinois State Intermediate goose. I actually beat Robbie, then the next contest was the Illinois State Novice and he won! It was a cool feeling

BTB: You have been near the top of the leader board and got some quality wins the last few years, what's it been like to be on a roll like you have?

KJ: I don't think I've necessarily think I've been on a roll. Everyone wants to win, and do well. I've been lucky to have my name at the top a few contests. I took about a 5 year break from contest calling, and I'm really just trying to get back in the swing of things. I've been lucky to win a few, especially against some of the guys I compete with on a regular basis. You lose some, and win some.

BTB: When can we expect a world title and who do you see as your biggest competition?

KJ: Man, that's a loaded question. I'd love to win a World Title. That's my goal, it's been my goal since I won the 2008 Jr world. I can't expect it to be given to me, or expect all the other guys that want to win it to not try either. Easton is a magical place. I just want to blow three clean rounds. As far as competition goes, obviously you want to beat Trevor(Shannahan). He's the 2016 World Champion, but there's probably 12-13 other guys up there that could win on any given day. A lot of guys that don't travel much, but are extremely talented and others as well. Last years top 8 was Trevor, Lee Williams, Mike Benjamin, Joe Orf, Teddy Hoover, Hunter Lewis, myself and Jordan Keil. That's stiff competition. There's many other names you can add to that. Nathan Kreshon, David Dameron, Colby Stillwell, Eric Strand, RJ Dick, Seth Hampton, John Walls, Gabe Evard, Justin Easton, and many more! I could really keep going if I need to. There's just a ton of talented callers that could win it(I apologize if your name isn't listed, I mean zero disrespect)

BTB: Who pushes you? Whether it's a fellow competitor or a teacher who motivates you?

KJ: I think I have a lot of people that push me and motivate me. Kelly Powers is one, my girlfriend Lexis is another, my dad, and of course other competition.

BTB: Speaking of Kelly Powers, how has it been being part of Power Calls from it's beginnings to where you are now?

KJ: I was part of the Power Calls team before it was even released, so watching it grow from then to now is amazing. The past few months have been unreal. It's very cool seeing the traction we're getting. It's stressful too, we want to make everyone happy but know we won't so I get frustrated some.

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