More than just a name: Scott Rowe

        When interviewing Scott for his upcoming question and answer he told us the story of Zane and how his calls got their name.  I've heard this story before and was always intrigued by it.  I related to it in my own call making life as my personal calls were named after a close friend.  I think in a world of cupped, greenhead, cut'em, shoot'em style names out there in call making, when a name comes along out of the so called "norm." I find myself interested in how it came about.  Below is Scott's story we hope you enjoy. 

Scott Rowe-Z-Rowe Calls

    Anyone that has spent any amount of time around me has more than likely heard one or 2 stories about my cousin Zane Rowe May. Zane influenced, and to this day continues to influence my life as much as anyone ever has. To say he was a special human being would be a major understatement. I've never known anyone who genuinely looked at people for who they truly were rather than what they look like, how much money they have, their skin color, etc. He was just special. In 1996, our lives got turned upside down & would never be the same. Zane was killed while serving in the United States Air Force. To this day, I've never gone through anything more difficult.

Zane was 7 years older than me...but he always made time for his little cousin...the one who idolized his every move & looked at him as if there has never been another person to walk this earth that was better than him. Zane took me on my first duck hunt when I was 11. While playing baseball at Henderson State, Zane would always take time to throw with me between games, while his other teammates did the "cool thing" which was to hang out with the female college students. He made trips back home just to take me hunting, fishing or to the movies. Not many people are like this. As I previously stated, Zane continues to influence my life today. My wife and I named our child after him...a very special little girl named Zane Maylee Rowe. We make sure we tell "Little Zane" all about "Big Zane". All of that said...when thinking about what to name these calls, my wife suggested "Z-Rowe Calls" as a tribute to the person who got me started in the sport of duck hunting & the person who helped shape me into the person I am today. I couldn't think of a better name than is perfect. The logo is the "Z" from his actual signature...the "R" is from my signature. It's nothing fancy, it's very simple...yet it means so much to my family and myself. 

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