Reelfoot: The Call Maker Hangout

What to expect from Reelfoot Call Maker gathering this weekend.  

An relatively small unknown gathering among the mainstream but to the custom call maker community it’s a date circled on the calendar.  Sure Nashville is the call maker contest to win, but Reelfoot is more than just a contest. Reelfoot is where call makers come together to talk calls, trade calls and trade stories.  Every year new friends are made and old ones add another memory to the book. 

        Now just because Reelfoot is a relaxed atmosphere focused on fun and fellowship don’t think world class calls will not be found.  Many of the best call makers in the world will be in attendance and not one of them leaves their A game at home.  All year long call makers work on their stash to take to the lake and impress other call makers in competition fueled by friendly rivalry.  The calls are traded and “wheeled and dealed” all weekend each more impressive than the last. 

        In short Reelfoot can be seen as just another call maker competition but to those who attend know it’s the brotherhood and tradition that makes it special. Tune in Friday October 6th to catch some of the action and some would say shenanigans happening among friends. 

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