Big Cypress: A Prequel of Worlds?

Waiting in between rounds at the Bass Pro at the Pyramid Regional I checked my phone, updated our Facebook feed and checked on my kids at home. While buried in distraction I heard and saw a verity of callers come on stage and practice different parts of their routines. Some working on cadence, most working on easing their nerves. Callers ranged from guys working their way up the ranks to guys on the top of almost all events.

“Hey buddy how are you?” I look up from my phone and it’s Phil Green taking a seat next to me. We exchange greetings and I ask him how does he feel about today? He smirks and says in calm voice “I probably should of practiced.” Laughing as I recalled our talk from two weeks prior about pre-contest jitters and how I have watched the top callers in the world go through the motions trying to ease their nerves that afternoon. “Every time. I get nervous every time and I’ve never found a way that really helps it so I don’t try.” The quote he gave me in an interview two weeks earlier. If he was nervous you never would of guessed it in his relaxed body manner that only a man at the top of the game right now could have, while still maintaining a humbleness about him that is easing to everyone else around.

Round 1 kicked off with 29 callers included a few world champs and some very tough up and comers. After round one it was narrowed down to 18 but in all reality it was a 4-5 man race. After round two it was Seth Fields who has won all most every duck calling contest in the Midwest in 2017 and Phil Green the 2016 World Champ. They were separated by 1 point after round one with Fields ahead, after round two it was Green who took the 1 point lead. The final round was every bit as exciting leaving no one sure who won until the name was announced on the stage, with Green ultimately taking home the Pyramid.

This competition was what competition calling is all about. Two callers at the top of their games going neck and neck pushing each other harder and harder. It really could of gone either way they were both so on their game that day pulling away from the rest of the respective pack. As we streamed the event live you could watch the numbers jump up each time either of them were on stage. Competition calling has suffered recently due to a few different reasons but competitions like this and people watching great moments show us competition calling can make a come back. If nothing else it is sure to be an exciting match up during worlds for us all to watch.

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