Rib Eye of the Sky

Most waterfowl hunters have heard the old saying "sandhills are the rib eye of the sky." I'm here to say they are indeed pretty dang tasty. They seem to have a higher fat content then most other fowl and anything wrapped in bacon is edible, but Crane is enjoyable as well. This takes you to the more important aspect, hunting them.

If you have ever been in a feed lot or fresh field in the plains of eastern Oklahoma chances are you have heard the Sandhill Crane. They are long legged, loud mouthed, very unique type of quarry. Growing up in Missouri the opportunity to hunt them really was not an option nor was it a thought. It was not until my first trip to western Kansas that the itch to give it a try set in during the morning's duck hunt while watching countless sandhills set up to check out our pothole. While hundreds more landed on top the hill 400 yards away and produced quite the racket. After taking a few with make shift silhouettes the next day, we were bound and determined to return and do it right the next year.

Bryan Baker of Oklahoma is a personal friend and an owner of Crane Wreckers Guide Service along with Monte Feck. They are some of the most well known and successful crane hunters in america, chasing them during the entire season through the central flyway. If you are looking to chase the Rib Eye of the Sky sending email or phone call to Crane Wreckers would be a great start. Experiencing a new type of quarry from the comfort of covered blind in rolling office chairs is one like no other and a memory that will not soon fade.

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