Dream Season in Minnesota: Joe Heintz is having a season to remember.

Everyday I get off work at 8am or at least take a break at work. I grab my phone and check out what's going on in the waterfowl world and one guy keeps stacking up birds everyday on my feed. Joe Heintz has had all the stars align this season and is having one for the books. I asked Joe if he would be interested in talking about it, here is that conversation below.

BTB: Joe, I have been watching your feed all year long and you guys have been stacking them up this year. Would you say it's been a special year in Minnesota?

JH: Oh yes definitely special, Our success rate is at a all time high! Been having a record year here in MN for sure.

BTB: Why has it been so good?

JH: I believe it’s because the amount of birds Minnesota has been getting. The last couple years we have got a lot of rain, it’s been flooding fields and every one knows birds LOVE flooded corn and beans. So when there is a abundance of flooded fields the birds will stick around in a area longer. We are also hunting Migrators the 2nd day of season, so birds were pushing in at a early stage which is nice. So a earlier migration and good spots for birds to stop has been a positive on our success rate. We also haven’t had any crazy weather snaps to push any birds out, it’s been perfect. We have some advanced callers working together which really helps the success rate.

BTB: What's been your favorite hunt this year and why?

JH: Man favorite hunt...... dude that’s a hard one. My favorite kind of hunting is hunting those migrating, high flying , North wind, South bound Honkers. Waking up Heading out to Migrator Valley to my favorite Migrator field geese have never been in. Setting a big spread of 50 dozen or more full body decoys, getting 2 or 3 of your hunting buddy’s who can call geese better then average. Breaking apart those geese in perfect V formations a mile high and working em all the way down to 10 yards! We have had so many of em this year so it’s hard to decipher. We have had a few X field hunts too that were awesome! That’s nice when the geese come right over the trees and dump right into your 3 dozen decoys in nice groups. Dang. Haha I don't know if I have a favorite off hand, was one of the Migrator days for sure though. This morning we were in flooded corn and had mallards and wood ducks all over us and as you can guess that was awesome! Man it's a hard question, but I have to say one of the Migrator day hunts.

BTB: Any crazy birds taken, rare or weird limits?

JH: We have been hitting a lot of bigger limits this year which is fun. As for "crazy" birds not really yet, I mean after last year when we shot a super blonde, all white Canada Goose. That’s a hard one to beat, so I don’t know how you get any better. So every thing else has been just "kinda" cool compared to that. I know I’m not the only one who has noticed, we were just talking about it the other morning that Minnesota is getting a lot more Pintails and Widgeons. We shot a gorgeous Drake Widgeon the other day that is still a little rare in here but becoming more common. We use to maybe kill a few pinnys and widgeons a year, but seems like we are getting them every hunt now. We just killed 8 pintails and a handful of wigeons on a hunt, so those kinds of birds you use to only really see in The Dakotas are now being killed here and Minnesota. We all like that because of how pretty they are .

BTB: You guys run a camera while hunting too? Where can everyone check out some of your hunts?

JH: Yes, we do run cameras on some of our hunts. We don’t always because of weather or no place to hide a camera guy, but when everything is perfect we definitely have them along. We been fortunate enough to get some awesome footage this year and if you want to check some of our hunts out you can find us on YouTube under - Fowl Family TV Go check em out make sure ya SUBSCRIBE! We have some good stuff on there.

BTB: Tell us a bit about your outfitter services and how to get ahold of you.

JH: Our Outfitter service is Legends Outfitters, based out of central Minnesota. We just fired it up this year founded by myself and Trevor Luedke . Trevor purchased Goose Busters Guide from a good buddy of mine when he moved away and along that time I started Fowl Family guide. We started bouncing clients to each other and helping each other out with hunting spots, so we said screw it and joined together. We hunt exactly alike, so its perfect . He lives about 35 min away from me so we cover way more ground in a shorter amount of time . He knows his hot areas and I know mine, we grew up in these areas our whole lives so between the two of use we always find something good. If anyone wants book a hunt with us you can get ahold of Trevor at 952-992-9141. Another great way to get on a hunt with us is follow me on SnapChat - my user name is mrheintz . A good thing about snap chat is You can see the field we are gonna hunt the next morning so you know your success chances are better then booking weeks or months in advance hoping we get on something when you come then. I also do deals on Snapchat too, last min discount spots . So if your a weekday hunter, definitely get me on there because we almost do day to day hunts. Meaning find the field then book the guys which makes our success rate higher because we know before the hunt we are on a hot spot. All layout blinds (or whatever we are hiding in ) and decoys will be set upon your arrival. We will meet up with you at a gas station or spot around 45 minutes before legal shooting then we take you to the spot and begin the hunt. If you have never duck or goose hunted, we go over safety and rules, so it’s a fun safe Hunt for everyone!

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