Denny Pitman: From Contest Caller to career hunter.

Denny Pitman is out of the St. Louis area and kills birds all over Missouri. He was down for a honker hunt during resident goose season and we talked about doing an interview for BTB. As we all joked and laughed about previous hunts swapping blind stories we discussed his history and guide service. Here is some of that interview.

BTB: When did you start guiding?

DP: I started guiding in 1995, beginning with turkeys in Alabama and Mississippi.

BTB: What do you enjoy about it most?

DP: I don't know if I have one thing that I enjoy the most while guiding. The friendships that have been made. The sunrises and sunsets. The look on clients faces when they shoot birds at 15yds. The enjoyment of first timers and seasoned veterans alike. The laughs that are had while hunting will never be matched. Plus who can overlook the fact that I get paid to hunt.

BTB: What area do you cover?

DP: I guide all over the state(Missouri). I guide duck, speckle belly and snow goose hunts for Show Me Snow Geese. We do most of our duck and speck hunts in South East MO. We start the snows down there then follow the migration through the state all the way up the to North West corner. I also run my own Canada goose and turkey guide service called Lord Of The Wings. Most of those hunts take place in the East Central part of the state.

BTB: What can the clients expect on hunts? DP: The clients can expect excellent locations, excellent hides (pits, layouts, A frames), awesome high quality decoy spreads, excellent calling and full on professionally guided hunts. Not to mention the good times and memories made.

BTB: Tell us a bit about you and how you got into guiding?

DP: Like I mentioned before, I got started guiding turkeys but that came about because I was winning and placing in a few calling contests. I also wasn't afraid to reach out to outfitters looking for a job. Somehow I got led into buying a camera to film hunts while guiding. That actually got me hired by a local TV show on the Outdoor Channel which started a life long career for me working in the industry. I still film deer and turkey hunts for a couple different TV shows and I am affiliated with a few companies but I have always wanted to do nothing but guide hunter's so that's what I've always stuck with. I have to give a big thanks to my family and friends for supporting my job all these years. Jon Eaton from Show Me Snow Geese and Scotty Smith from Xciter Calls deserve a special thanks. Of course to all my clients that have hunted with me over the last 20+ years.

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