TOP 5: Duck Callers in the circuit right now

5. Jonathan Mortin- 5 top Five finishes at Worlds since 2010. Including Runner up in 2014. With his win at the DU Regional in Memphis and his 3rd place finish at the Big Cypress open he is ready for a strong showing at Worlds.

4. David St. John- 2014 World Champ, 3rd place finish in Champion of Champions. David is near the top of the leaderboard in almost every contest he


3. Seth Fields- 23 First place finishes in the last two years. Seth is routinely beating out former World Champs on the biggest stages. It's exciting to see what is in store this year for him.

2. Logan Hancock- 2015 World Champ and 2016 Big Cypress National Champ.

2015-16 Hancock was in top form. With his win at the US open he is ready for a strong showing at worlds, I expect him to be around the top of the leader board.

1. Phil Green- 2016 World Champ and 2017 Big Cypress National Champ. Phil is at the top of his game right now. The show down between he and Fields during the Big Cypress was what Competition Calling needs and might have been a prequel to worlds.

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