Hometown Kid: Teddy Hoover gets ready for Worlds.

The last few months Teddy and I have talked at lengths about calling and competitions. We have spoken about the World Waterfowl Calling Championship in Easton Maryland a few times. This is his home town event and one he puts a lot of time and effort into through competing and also organizing. Below is part of our conversation.

BTB: When did you get into hunting and who took you?

TH: I started hunting when I was 8 years old, my Dad took me on my first duck because there was no goose season. I was hooked ever since

BTB: When did you realize you had serious potential as a goose caller?

TH: I never realized I had serious potential. I went to my first contest when I was 12 or 13, and did not do well as a junior. I took a break and got back into it in 2007. I really enjoyed the friendship and sport of competing. I met a lot of people, and met some of my best friends through calling. I do it because I love to compete, and I love the sport, but I never considered myself as a potential winner!

BTB: Who has mentored you along the way?

TH: My biggest mentor in calling is John Taylor of Bay Country Calls. He makes the goose call I use and is a Champion of Champions so I was a little star struck when I met him. He taught me how to build routines, master certain notes, and shown me new ways of hunting. I am still learning everything I can, but Sometimes I don't listen. If anyone out there is looking for a good mentor in competition calling, John Taylor has more time invested in studying the ways to win contests than anyone. He is also a really great teacher. I learned everything about competition calling and hunting from him.

BTB: When did you start competing and how long before your first win?

TH: I started competing in 2007, but I did not get my first win till 2008 I think. It was the Delaware Novice goose, and the first big contest I won, was the Keystone regional.

BTB: What was that like?

TH: It felt unreal, and became an immediate motivation to strive for better! The more time I spent on the call, the more success I was having. It also became an addiction. So much to the point, that I never leave home without a goose call in my pocket (a lesson from John Taylor)

BTB: You are near the top of the leader board in almost every competition including worlds, how does it feel knowing you are this close every year and knowing if you blow 3 clean rounds you can walk away with the title?

TH: Man, with Goose calling, anyone could win right now. It is so close, I usually don't think about that too much. The main goal every year is go out there and blow 3 clean routines my way. If the judges like it, great! It is just an honor to be on the final stage! I have only been there once, so I just hope to make the final round!

BTB: Do you feel any pressure now a weeks out?

TH: The only pressure I feel is making sure the event is run as smoothly as possible. I don't have much time to worry about pressure. With the contest a few days away, I am excited to see friends from all of the country and New Zealand, and look forward to a fun weekend. As far as being ready, I believe I am! I practice every night for each contest and started this past march for November. It is the only one that matters in the Country, and I feel pretty prepared from it.

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