Mondo LA first run sells out in under two minutes!!!!

At Noon Central time, RNT Calls released the much anticipated Mondo LA First Run Series. The release fell in line with past FRS releases from RNT featuring a prototype grey barrel with RNT "FIRST RUN SERIES" engraved upon it in white. Every first run series call also carries a special colored band denoting the limited quantity of each color. The collection features 90 Sapphire, 75 Ruby, 50 Amethyst, 25 Citrine, and 10 Gold for a grand total of 250 limited number calls and the only calls of that model produced in 2017. The call is finished out with a polished black insert matching the FRS style.

The Mondo LA was available for online purchases only which fell in line with the last FRS release that sold out in roughly two minutes. At 12:47pm Central RNT released that all FRS Mondos were sold out. I read through posts on social media about people who had bought one and those who missed out. The more I looked the more I realized they went at record speed asking RNT's social media representative how fast they actually sold out. "According to our watch it was a minute 45 seconds." With RNT's rich history of quality calls and the ever rising popularity of the Mondo it's almost certain the Mondo LA will be added to the 2018 line up and those with the FRS Mondo LA's will have a piece of it's history.

photo credit Blake FIsher/RNT calls.

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