Shannahan gets risky skipping warm up

The warm up is a crucial part of most callers routines. Some use it to show case their skills, some to make sure their calls are ready to go and some just to calm their nerves. During a call off Trevor drew the bullet(going first) and decided to forego the normal warm up offered before judging commences. This turned the heads of the judges and other competitors alike.

We asked Trevor why in a recent interview and here was his response "well I knew I drew bullet and had to do something different and......I don't need a warm whatever why not pull a boss move an go out there and hit it without a warm up." Well this was enough to stand apart and maybe even push his competition because Hunter Morrow came out the next round and did the same thing. Regardless of if it made a difference or not it shows callers are willing to go out and push the envelope to set themselves apart.

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