Opening day but no water to be found

A hot topic lately in the state of Arkansas. Many hunters have been out the last few weeks scouting their normal spots to find once again they are dry. Hunters are mixed with their opinions on the water situation, most mad about the AGFC's management of it. The AGFC is choosing not to flood the green timber until later in the season, stating the correlation between past mallard peak migration and Arkansas natural higher rain totals in December and January. They state that such constant flooding on non dormant oak trees have damaged much of the timber some of which is irreversible.

While many hunters are angry of over no place to hunt others say this is the best thing for the state. Not only to help the timber health but the slow trickling in of the water in a more natural way will mean the hunter numbers will rise in a more manageable way rather than the normal early season pressure the state sees. Regardless if you agree with the AGFC it will surely be an interesting few weeks in Arkansas.

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