How do you follow up your first trip to Worlds after finishing second?

How do you follow up punching your first trip to worlds and finishing second? Domingo Sanchez has every intention of following it up with a title. He was kind enough to give us some of his time.

BTB: How do you feel this week with worlds finally here?

DS: I feel pretty good. I've talked to a couple people about my routine since Memphis. I've made a couple improvements, I think I stand a really good chance at breaking into the top 10 and hopefully better if I get through 3 clean.

BTB: Last year it came down to the end, what was the level of nerves as they announced each score and you realized you were top 2?

DS: I was just in complete shock, it was my first year ever getting qualified. I wasn't sure if I was gonna make the second round let alone almost winning the whole thing.

BTB: I can imagine it was the moment you went from a world title being a dream goal to heck I can really do this, is that kind of how it felt?

DS: Absolutely, it was a dream almost come true. Now I just have to stick with it and not get complacent.

BTB: Do you feel any pressure going into this year after last year shocking yourself and maybe a few others ?

DS: Not really, I know if I can make it through 3 clean I should do very well. Maybe not win, but I don't think anyone can ever expect to win a contest like the worlds. Not with the level of competition that is going to be there. Some of these guys are truly wizards on a call

BTB: What's been your favorite contest so far this year?

DS: My favorite so far for this year has to be Presleys. I was fortunate enough to win the North American Regional, I had a call off with Jonathan Morton to win. So it was your 2nd and 3rd place at this past years world's and we had PG3 Judging so it was pretty interesting how that all happened the way it did. It was just a fun contest all together though and it was my first year calling there.

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