Hancock reclaims his Title

After round 1 and 2 Logan found himself one point behind Ben Burgess and 1 point ahead of 2016 runner up Domingo Sanchez. The three were all neck and neck and it was anyones game to win. Round three opened with Logan drawing the bullet walking out on stage first and stomping out a perfect run that was as clean as any he had run all day. Both Sanchez and Burgess also continued form and laid out championship quality runs making the tension high as we waited for scores to be tabulated.

After places 4-8 had been announced only three callers remained on stage. "With the 2nd runner up" Sanchez heard his name called making his first two appearances at worlds 2nd and 3rd respectively which is amazing to say the least. Then Ben and Logan found their ways to the call pit on center stage waiting for the winning announcement. Logan the 2015 Champ and 2016 Big Cypress Champ and Ben who finished 5th in 16 and had extremely strong showings in 17. "The first runner up"......Ben Burgess rang out across the stage with Logan and Ben shaking hands and Hancock raising his arms in victory reclaiming his title and becoming one of the elite to have won multiple titles.

We recently released our caller rankings and Logan sat at three. We asked him "I guess we shouldn't have ranked you third huh?" With humbleness and laughter in his voice he said "It's ok, we all make mistakes." Congratulations to Logan and the team at RNT calls, don't worry we have a feeling the Rankings will be adjusting this week. Afterwards we spoke to Ben Burgess who was disappointed as any great competitor but was humbled to be near the top at the end and will continue to be near the top.

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