Small Shop Call Maker of the Year Board

As a call maker the last 3 years years call making and the community is something I have a huge passion for and connection, while collecting calls as I could afford them before ever turning one. That's why we want to give back to the guys who spend late nights in their garages while their wives or kids are asleep and they give up sleep to make pieces of artwork others use to smash ducks and geese with. That is my story, the only time I get to turn is when everyone else is asleep and it serves as my therapy in life. To pick one of these gentleman will be extremely challenging and so many deserving. We wanted to assemble a panel of guys who not only share in my love for calls and collecting but also guys who are active in the community.

Michael Mr MiG will be our second panel member. As call maker he would be considered if not on the panel. Michael spends a great amount of time in the community helping, giving tips, and serves as a Co-Host on BTB Now.

Don Wood will be our third panel member. I don't know if I have seen a guy in the community who has not only owned more small shop makers calls and is very active in the collection world.

Seth Fields will be our forth panel member. Seth is a guy I have seen run and give a review of so many shops calls over the last few years. He is always involved on a daily basis in the community.

Eric Polston will be our last panel member. Eric has collected about every call out there and has always been highly involved in the call collecting world. He has been a daily contributor over the last few years.

All of the panel members have been active in the community for a number of years both through social media and gatherings, As a panel we will decide who qualifies and what exactly the criteria will be. Sound, innovation, difficulty of design, contribution to the community, and call making contests will all be factors but not one of those factors will be the only considered. This will not be a popularity contest.

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