Arrows: The Big, The small, The Standard

As you already know the focus of this page is to talk all things archery and bring coverage of target archery tournaments. So let’s start this at the point with what is going to get you points and take down your living target… arrows. If you’ve been around archery long enough you have found out there are many topics around arrows. From the beginning we’ve seen arrows develop from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber and now we even have carbon fiber aluminum hybrids.

I’ll begin with arrow size, you see what seems like a majority of tournament archers using large diameter arrows, then you see hunters bickering between standard sized arrows versus micro diameter. So what’s the why behind these arrow types starting with the predominantly hunting arrows? What most of you will probably shoot is the trusted standard diameter arrow, that’s what I shoot. There’s nothing bad about it, they fly, they penetrate what your shooting, and as long as you have a good follow through they are going to hit pretty close to your point of aim, they are basically the gold standard. In the recent past we have seen the emergence of the micro diameter arrow with the big claims of penetrating power. The thought behind this is your placing all of the energy your bow has created upon launch into a smaller point creating a smaller area to disperse the energy allowing for more penetration and more reliable kill. Finally that brings us to the large diameter arrows you may see with target archery. These arrows look massive when compared to a standard hunting arrow, but what’s the benefit? The name of the game as of recent with bows is speed, because speed sells! So why would you want these big arrows, won’t they be heavy, wont they catch air, won’t they be slower? Well it seems when big money is on the line and the only way to get big money is big points speed takes second place. With these big arrows when you hit the target you take up more space which means those scoring rings get smaller making it easier to get points. There’s a bonus though, all that space you’re taking up, your opponent can’t have forcing them to make a better shot. So maybe there is a method to the madness.

But how do you make the decision at your local shop of which arrow to buy? The first question you have to answer is hunting, target, or Hybrid. Next you have to know if you’re good enough to know the see the difference in shooting, because if you’re missing by inches in target competition that big arrow probably won’t help, so save your money and start as a hybrid shooter use your standard arrows in competition. Everyone has to start somewhere don’t dive in with the best of the best and expect to see instant results. Find where you are as an archer and get out there shooting, who knows we may be covering you in the big competitions!

(Did you catch the Clint Eastwood reference?)

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