Team USA Silver Medal: Kris Schaff

The World Archery Indoor Cup event in Bangkok, Thailand happened over last weekend and It was an exciting tournament with many close matches among competitors (check our facebook page for the results). After the tournament we reached out to the two top placing members of the USA team and were able to get a small interview, this is what the Men's Compound Silver winner Kris Schaff had to say.

BTB:How long have you been shooting competitively?

KS: I have been shooting professionally since I was 18 years old and I'm now 25 so 7 years.

BTB: "What bow and setup are you shooting?

KS: I am currently shooting the 2018 Elite Echelon 39 28" 57#... Cbe vertex sight and scope 6x lens, Scott advantage release, 452x winners choice strings, spothogg swap rest with .008 launcher blade, doinker 30" hero front and 15" hero back rod with doinker mighty mount, goldtip 9.3 27 ⅛" 160 grain competition archery product point, gold tip triple x 28" 200 grain competition archery product point. Both with flexfletch sk300 vanes and beiter hunter nock. Vortex Razer hd 12x50 binos.

BTB: What's it like shooting overseas?

KS: Shooting overseas isn't much different in the aspects of shooting competition because I shoot against the same people here and there. But over seas you have to factor in let leg, food/cultural differences, and huge language barriers. And most of the international tournaments are more well known and broadcasted so maybe a little bit more pressure along those lines.

BTB: How do you prepare for an event like this considering the time change?

KS: Theres not alot of preparation for getting on their sleeping schedule, until you get there. So jet leg is bad sometimes. But for shooting wise that's why you practice alot. Just keep to your shot and trust your equipment even if you are tired.

BTB: How did you feel after the qualifying round?

KS: After the qualification round I felt very happy with this being the first big tournament I shot with the new Echelon. Sometimes when you get a bow shooting good at home when you get to a tournament and in pressure situations it doesn't shoot like you have it at home. So knowing that it shot really well during qualification I had high hopes for eliminations.

BTB: While following the tournament,after then second round there were arguably 3 men that were on top, and you were definitely one of them. You were shooting some of the highest points and doing it consistently. Was there any point where you thought you were going to make it to the gold round?

KS: Every tournament you go into it wanting to make the gold medal match and you try your hardest to get there. But I knew that was a long road with very stiff competition to get there, so really I just went into each match with an open mind and just shot the best I could... Even though jokingly I was talking to Mike after eliminations and the 1st round on Saturday and told him I'd see him in the gold tomorrow. But I didn't know that would be the case at all because i never made a final venue individually over seas.

BTB: What were your thoughts during the gold round?

KS: My thoughts during the gold round were pretty much the same as every match and just take one shot at a time, but when I missed my 3rd arrow I knew that was most likely the only one mike needed to win. When shooting against the top people you can't give them any opportunities and that's exactly what I did.. but loosing to Mike to me isn't as bad as others cause Mike and I are friends and he has the nickname Mr. Perfect for a reason.

BTB: What is some advice you would give someone that is wanting to start competitive archery?

KS: Some advice I'd give to someone new is if you put in the time and effort it will pay off. Just keep at it and follow your dreams

BTB: What is the next event you are going to shoot?

KS: The next event I'm going to on a national level is world indoor team trials in Gainsville Florida. "

Well there you have it, now you know what goes through an archers head and how it feels at such a large event overseas. Anyone having to face Kris in the future better be ready for a tough match, he's gonna force everyone to be perfect to beat him.

A HUGE congratulations to Kris Schaff for winning silver in Bangkok and we may see him at the top at his next event!!

(picture courtosey of Kris Schaff/World Archery)

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