If you followed the coverage on our Facebook page of the World Archery Indoor Championship in Bangkok you've seen this name before. We were able to contact Paige Gore and get an interview about her time at the event. Paige was able to go toe to toe with everyone she met in match play and rise above the rest of the competition.


BTB: How long have you been shooting professionally?

Paige: I started shooting professionally at age 15. Normally you have to wait till your 18, but my parents signed off on it so I was able to get a pro card at 15.

BTB: What bow and setup are you shooting?

Paige: I am shooting the Bowtech Fanatic 3.0 with Carbon Express X Buster 500 arrows.

BTB: What's it like shooting overseas?

Paige: Shooting overseas is just like shooting at home as far as the venues go. That is all very similar. The hardest part is adjusting to the time change because it is usually a very drastic time difference. But once you get used to that, it is all a great experience and I love seeing my friends from all around the world.

BTB: How do you prepare for an event like this considering the time change?

Paige: There isn’t really anything you can do to prepare for the time change. We are all putting in the practice hours at home shooting, but when you get to the event you just have to roll with the punches and learn to adjust. I think sleeping everywhere is kind of an acquired skill I have, so I sleep on the airplanes as much as possible so I’m not as tired when I arrive at an event.

BTB: How did you feel after the qualifying round?

Paige: After qualifying I was actually feeling really good and I had a positive outlook going into our first match that day for the rest of the matches on Sunday. I was a couple points lower than my qualifying score in Marrakech so I would have liked to stay up with my scores from the last event, but honestly I felt I shot well and I believed I could keep that up.

BTB: Following the event there were some women shooting high numbers followed by the next round shooting significantly lower. You seemed to shoot the most consistent the whole tournament and stepping up to the competition each round. Was there any point where you thought you were going to make it to the gold round?

Paige: I think I view match play a little different than most people do. When shooting the matches I don’t look at it like I am competing against this one person and all I need to do is beat them. While realistically that is true and that is the scenario that’s happening, I really just look at it like I am going to Shot the best 15 arrows that I can, and if they shoot them better than me then oh well and if not then that’s cool and I’m moving on. I think it adds a lot of unnecessary pressure if you are trying to outshoot that person arrow per arrow. I can’t control what they shoot so that really doesn’t matter. The only thing I have control over is myself, so I try and look at it like one match is half of a normal scoring round and I know what I’m capable of shooting and that is usually what I expect of myself. I actually felt like I was struggling a lot on Sunday, and it wasn’t an easy day for me. I wasn’t aiming well, and I could have let that get the best of me, but I just kept shooting my shot and doing the best I could in each situation. I just happened to be the lucky one that day and it all worked out in my favor. I felt I shot incredible in Marrakech and I finished second, where in Bangkok I didn’t feel I performed as well but was able to walk away with the win. So while skill is SO important, there is a little bit of luck in the match play game.

BTB: What advice would you give someone wanting to start competitive Archery?

Paige: My advice to a new competitive archer would be do as much mental training as you possibly can. People seriously don’t put enough emphasis on that and it is the absolute most important part of what we do. Find a mental management program and start running it, visualize visualize, visualize, and that’s a good place to start. I know most people would answer with practice schedules and stuff like that, but I really believe that to be successful in any pro division you need a really strong mental foundation.

BTB: What's the next event you're going to shoot?

Paige: My next event is actually the US Indoor World Team Trials in Florida. It is specifically a trials event for the upcoming indoor world championships in February."

Paige is clearly has great skills when it comes to shooting a bow being able to make it to the pro level of competition. But her secret weapon seems to be her mental strength and ability to stay tuned in and reach the top of the podium. Paige is going to be pushing the competition to reach a higher level if she keeps on this path!

(Picture courtesy

of Paige Gore)

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