2017 Call Maker of the Year

First we had to look at what we were judging. Quality, finish, innovation, difficulty of work and what each person gives back every year. We then took our 5 panelists and had them rank the finalists 1-6 and average out each call makers score.

6th Place was Mr. Earnie Ross, who makes an unbelievable goose call while setting the standard for innovation and custom work.

5th Place was Mr. Kent Eason, who has been turning phenomenal calls for years and continues to impress with each one.

4th Place The Will Shelley, will burst to the top of the scene in 2016 and has pushed the envelope every call.

3rd John Koepp, a man who has a fist full of title rings from his Grand National Title runs.

2nd Brad Samples, I mean did you see the brass carved calls this year? He is always pushing the limit on materials and carving.

1st Ron "Stump" Laun, look at the portfolio of calls this year. Scrimshaw, exotic woods combined, the charity work that Stump does every year for veterans and children alike. It is an honor to award our very first Call Maker of the Year award to a great maker and a better person.

Photo Credit- RM Calls

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