K2 Calls-John Koepp's launches tribute based after his fathers legacy.

Recently I was added to K2 Calls, a secret group on Facebook by John. I wondered what is this and read the summary of the group and knew it was something I wanted to talk to John about and maybe have him answer any questions I had and some you guys might have. John is known for his world class craftsmanship and has the hardware to prove it. So like any new call coming out from a master turner we get excited and are looking forward to the reveal.

BTB: When did you come up with the concept for K2 and what exactly is it going to be?

JK: I came up with K2 back in the spring while out on the family farm, remembering the times my father and I spent in the woods together. K2 is a very limited line of high end collectors duck calls i will be making to honor my father Keith Koepp (aka K2), who left us too soon, the man who taught me everything I know about the outdoors and craftsmanship.

BTB: Will these be different than Addiction or under the same name just a model?

JK: K2 will be a separate company from Addiction. They are a completely different shape and sound.

BTB: Will these be hand turned?

JK: All K2 Calls will be hand turned and tuned by me.

BTB: When can we expect the books to be open for business and what’s pricing looking like?

JK: My plan is to open limited books in February sometime.

BTB: Will these be all wood or will we see some acrylics?

JK: Most K2s will be wood although acrylic and other materials are not out of the question.

BTB: What will the basis of the toneboard be like?

JK: The toneboard is not 100% complete yet, but it is going to be a very user friendly call with all the rasp and a killer bottom end!

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