The Waffle, is it ruining call collecting?

Waffles, they are everywhere in the waterfowl world. Decoys, layout blinds, bags and most often Calls. For a few bucks you can put your name in the hat for a very valuable collectors item drawing be it a J. Stephens or a Jax. Collectors every where are getting a shot at owning a call they otherwise would never have been able to afford. With the waffle becoming the new way to purchase a rare call we have seen the most popular makers of today having calls sell on the second hand market for double and sometimes triple the original prices. Gouging and buying to resell has become a common and hated trend by collectors and call makers alike. Is it simple supply and demand or disrespect to the art of the original maker.

I asked Mr. MiG and BTB Now host Michael Meredith what he thought about it as his calls were among the most sold and resold at higher costs recently. "Man I'm up in the air on them honestly. I'm cool with it if the guy who wins it is a legit collector.......but if the guy who wins it just wants to win it to flip it, I think it's bullsh*t. I'm anti flip for profit under any circumstance."

Many feel this way and others feel it's free game, at the end of the day one thing is sure it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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