The challenges of a college-aged call maker.

Everyone always says that college is the time in someone’s life when they get out into the world and find themselves. People make new friends and most experience what it’s like to be away from home for the first time. For me the experience has been more about the first time being away from my lathe.

My name is Brandon Thomas and I am currently a junior at Mississippi State University. I have been turning duck calls for a little over two years and call-making and water-fowling are two of my biggest loves. Today I am going to give a little bit of insight about the life of a college call maker.

Time, one of the biggest resources in a college students life, and for the last 6-8 months there doesn’t seem to be a lot set aside for call-making. I am currently two and a half hours away from my shop. I have to travel home on the weekends to turn calls in order to have money to do things throughout the week while I am at school. One of the biggest problems with this is, if I have a very intricate call with inlays or tips then that may be the only call I am able to get finished during that weekend. For someone trying to grow a business and break through in a market that is saturated with some of the most talented people in the hunting community, this can cause some problems.

Another problem that can occur is homework. If I have work to do on the weekends, then orders get pushed back my money gets delayed and all the time and effort I spent going home do not go towards growing my business.

Not having the time to work on calls can also cause another obstacle. When I do not have a lot of time to turn calls I tend to have a lot of calls that are thrown away. This makes me even more frustrated and causes my motivation to turn calls to deplete. This is important because, for me, motivation when making calls is everything.

So all in all there are a lot of struggles that come with being a fulltime college student and an amateur call maker. But just like everything in life, there are going to be challenges. Without the challenges the success would not be worth it.

Brandon Thomas

Call Making Content Creator

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