Rusty Heron: The Canadian Canada Champion.

I got the chance to sit down with the current “Grand National Goose Call Making Champion” and former “Canadian World Goose Calling Champion” Rusty Heron to ask him a few questions about his hunting background and his call making career. Rusty has been a very good friend of mine and a big influence to me. He is always the first to offer to lend a hand whether it’s helping someone learn how to blow a goose call or a donation for a good cause.

BTBN: Mr. Rusty what got you into hunting?

RH: I’d definitely have to say my dad and my grandfather. When i was a youngster my dad owned an outdoor store called G&H outdoor world. I was always around it and always loved it.

BTBN: What were you accomplishments in your contest calling career?

RH: I have won the IWA Masters single and IWA Masters 2 man and the Canadian World Goose Calling Championship.

BTBN: What got you into callmaking?

RH: It has just always been something I wanted to do. I wanted to start making calls when I was contest calling. But i had to focus on my family. The first christmas present i ever remember asking for was a duck and goose call. I got a haydel DR-85 duck call and a H-81 honker call. So I guess you could say I have been hooked ever since, Eh”

BTBN: Where do you see Heron Game Calls in 5 years?

RH: I don’t see myself quitting until i die. It’s just something i truly enjoy doing. The only difference I could think of between now and then is that I hope to have a few more call models than I do now.

BTBN: Anything new to look for out of your shop?

RH: I am looking to have a new goose call model by this fall. But it’s top secret.

BTBN: Any advice for young callmakers out there?

RH: Do it because you love it. Don’t do it for the money. Don’t rush your product to market. You should wait until it’s developed. Your name is the only thing you have in this industry and it only takes a few calls to make yourself have a bad name.

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