Modernizing Gundog Safety: Alex Langbell changes how we hunt.

Modernizing hunting dog safety is Alex Langbell’s mission. One day Alex was hunting in Canada with a group of guys through an outfitter service. The other gentleman brought their gundog with them on a waterfowl hunt, as dogs sometimes do the dog broke. Alex could only watch while everyone else continued to shoot and this had reminded him of every time he had ever scene this happen. He reflected on how he had seen people combat this issue with a new dog, with most hunters tethering the lead to the dog box and trying to secure it anyway possible. He thought why hasn’t anyone developed a product to help with this, and that’s just what he did.

photo-Alex Langbell

Gundog Outdoors launched in 2018 with Alex’s patented Quick Release Safety System went on sale at the end of May. Through 10 months of trial and testing Alex developed a system he says is “unlike any other” and is why he chose to patent the idea. “It’s about safety” says Langbell. “It’s about changing the way it’s done, not ripping off ideas in which you see so much of in the hunting industry.”

What makes it different?

-It comes with a 3-6ft adjustable leash that can also double as a collar using the D ring system Alex developed. Coming in black, brown and camouflage to help in the ever-important battle for concealment.

-It comes with titanium stakes that are both extremely durable, rust free, and keeps ice from freezing to it for guys who hunt extreme cold, inspired by the stakes mountain climbers use in the bitter cold. photo credit

-The quick release aspect stems from Alex’s career as a fire fighter. A firefighter’s Self-Contained-Breathing-Apparatus better known as an SCBA are stored in the back of the seat of a fire truck. This allows the firefighter to don the equipment while seated and then release quickly and effectively. This is what Alex has brought to gundog safety.

-Cost will be $49.00 and it's available through

About Alex Langbell photo-Alex Langbell

Alex spent a career in the waterfowl industry at over 15 years. He has done it all pro staffing for Zink and Avery. He has done television production with both the Belding’s and his show The Grind. He has hunted all over the country hunting all sorts of waterfowl all over. Alex has big plans for Gundog Outdoors with future concepts and developments to further your and your hunting dog’s experience.

Alex says “He sees how the industry is so focused on hunter comfort and safety yet it has forgotten the hardest work member of the blind and it’s his mission to bring awareness to other hunters on how important it is to protect man’s best friend.”

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