Establishing your Brand

"It takes a long time to build a brand, it doesn't happen overnight. It's doing the little things over and over again correctly to build that brand. Part of that is building your identity through pictures, verbage, product and interviews, anything and everything that has to do with your business."-Josh Raggio from BTBN Episode 50.

Doing the little things. Establishing who you are and what your brand represents is step one. So many businesses are lost searching for their identity. We have all seen the company that posts ten times a day on social media followed by none the next two weeks. The picture that is filtered and stylized a different way every time they upload. This can be confusing to someone who has made the conscious effort to follow you expecting certain content from you. We have all had that band we loved who dropped a new album that was a "what the heck is this crap" moment to their fans. The same can be said for social media brands. You worked hard to get that follower's attention so why lose them due to a failure to understand what made them follow you in the first place.

So you have established your style and feel, the who we are and what we are. Now to figure out how to represent that through your content. Are you the one posting with dark, rich backgrounds with leather bound books and whiskey as props? Or are you posting action style shots, less focused on the artistic side but more of the grab your attention? This direction, whatever it is that you choose is crucial and must be natural to you. Nothing can be sniffed out quicker than someone who is fake, it feels scummy and people sense it. So focus on your strengths and what comes natural to you. Do you suck at logos, photography, and words? Cool then find someone to do that part for you and make whatever killer product you're good at. Don't have the money to hire someone? Then you better learn, quickly. Jump on google, it's not hard but it's just time consuming and can be tedious.

Next who is your fan base or customer? What do they like, where are they located, do they fit your style? I tend to cuss a lot, so I know I would have a harder time with certain parts of potential followers and would have to tone that down. I know that my appeal is to the male outdoorsman who loves duck hunting, sports, and cold beer. None of that is something I have to fake. It's me, it's what I can be passionate about naturally. So you must look at yourself and product and how you can relate that in your message. From your brand name to your profile picture, all of this ties in together and lets your ideal customer know that once they find you, it's the right fit.

No matter what style, platform, brand name you choose know that it's a long ride and building a brand takes time and patience. Don't make moves for tomorrow, next week, next month. Make the moves and decisions that will benefit you for the next 5 years. Never sacrifice your image and brand for the instant gratification.

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